a brief history

Founded in 1946 

The CQSA was founded in 1946 as a forum focused on the interests of the professional Quantity Surveyor in commercial practice - a trade association for Quantity Surveyors. 

In 1984 the CQSA re-organised itself in response to a changed world, in which the position of private practitioners had largely switched from professional advisor to business manager in consultancy. It was at this time that the Association adopted a more formal structure with elected officers and committee based leadership,as well as adopting a new constitution that sought to look outward to the construction industry at large. By these changes in 1984, the Association then followed a path that led it to seek stature and influence in the outside World. 

Now, after 70 years the Association has come a long way from its original 'trade association' roots and over the years has carved a position of influence for its members within the fabric of the UK Construction Industry.  A justifiable claim, borne out through its long standing involvement within the CIC (Construction Industry Council).

From 1994 to 2005 the CQSA was a full member of the CIC, and we made a major contribution to UK Construction Industry debate through the CIC Business College.  Indeed we established our own working groups within the CIC to address key industry issues, which encompassed: 

  • Industry Performance and Efficiency;
  • Client Relations and Conditions of Contract;
  • Project Funding and Structures;
  • Frameworks, Partnering and Alliances
  • Education and Training; and
  • Industry Liaison

In 2006 the CQSA became an Associate member of the CIC and continued to maintain a healthy involvement and a dialogue with the CIC by continuing our involvement on CIC Working Groups.

Then In 2016 due to the escalating cost of CIC Membership, the CQSA decided to retire as an Associate CIC Member..